See en Sand Life Saving Selection Course 19 - 26 September 2020


In 1971 a group of sixteen energetic teenagers approached their teacher to accompany them to Hermanus and requested his guidance to help establish a youth camp where like-minded youngsters could enjoy outdoor educational programmes. The “camp” has since evolved into a life-skills educational training centre making available a number of courses and activities to the youth. However, the initial result of these youngsters’ enthusiasm was the establishment of a training camp for lifesavers, thus the National Sea-and-Sand Institute was born. The Lifeguard Division of Sea-and-Sand is the “first love” of Sparks Esterhuysen, founder and Father of the National Sea-and Sand Institute.


The aim of the selection camp is to train and select young candidates for lifeguard duty. We aspire to serve the public by offering the highest possible standard of lifeguarding. Presently Sea-and-Sand provides lifeguards to approximately eleven beaches along the Western Cape/Western Cape coast during the December/January holidays. These beaches stretch fromYzerfontein to Arniston  We are presently investigating extending our services over all school holidays.


Statistics and Public Service

Since 1971 Sea-and-Sand are proud to have served on 1011 beaches and saved 14,000 lives as well as attended to 40,000 + emergency incidents. We are sub-contracted to the various municipalities and apart from serving beaches we are also involved with training in disadvantaged communities.


Entry Form

What to bring


See-en-Sand lifesaving Selection Course Information

Since 1971 Sea-and-Sand are proud to have served on more than a 1000 beaches and saved more than 14,000 lives as well as attended to more than 40,000 emergency incidents. We are sub-contracted to the various municipalities and apart from serving beaches we are also involved with training in disadvantaged communities

A unique aspect of Sea-and-Sand lifeguard training is the inclusion of our OGASA Course, a division of National Sea-and-Sand Institute. This “know-the-sea” course teaches candidates basic ocean physiology and physics. Our philosophy is that you will be a far superior lifeguard when you understand and respect the behavior of the sea. This course places emphasis on waves, breakers, currents, tides, how to identify a dangerous or safe beach, what action to take if caught in a current in order to save your or another bathers life, shark behavior, etc.

Life Guard Training

This includes practical first aid, CPR, rescue and relief techniques, rip current training, fitness and endurance tests, stress and crisis tests, beach organisation (swimming demarcation, maintaining beach/public discipline and enforcing municipal bye-laws, etc) and beach administration (statistics, daily reports including incidents, “saves”, first aid assistance, duty rosters, public comments, etc). Our Tenders require that lifeguards must be 16 years and older . 

Who should attend this course?

Lifeguarding is an extremely responsible job. The selection course is therefore meant for young people that are energetic and who have the ability to accept responsibility for their own conduct as well as that of the public. If you can remain calm under pressure, have a strong sense of community service, have good communication skills and enjoy being outdoors you have some of the necessary qualities. Due to the nature of the course candidates will also need to have good swimming capabilities, have a high level of personal fitness with good self and group discipline. The course is not meant for “softies” and most definitely not for “cowboys”. At Sea-and-Sand we require our lifeguards to put their self-interest second and realise that it is essential to embrace a healthy group system. The success of the group is a priority in order to be effectively active in the service and safety of the public. We require you not to be too dependent on your parents, to be self motivated and able to think for yourself. If you fit into the above category – then the Selection Course is for you!

Next Camp: Lifesaving Selection Course 19 - 26 September 2020 

The selection camp for 2020 commences at 12h00 on Saturday 19 September 2020 at Sea-and-Sand’s campsite situated at Prawn Flats just outside Hermanus (see Directions below). The first 120 paid up  entries will be accepted. The rest will be placed on a waiting list.  The course ends on Saturday 26September 2020 with a presentation parade from 10h00 until 11h00 and family and friends are most welcome to attend. Our appointed lifeguards’ first duty will be over the forthcoming December/January holiday season.


Course fees are R3950.00 per person and payable in full to secure your entry. Fees include:

There is a down payment option of R2000, R1000, R950.

- Course material - practical and theoretical

- Hat

- Accommodation at Sea-and-Sand Camp (cabins with bunk beds, ablution blocks, basic kitchen)
- Lunch and supper daily

It is compulsory for learners to stay at Sea-and-Sand. We supply a light lunch and supper. You are welcome to  bring some pocket money in order to purchase light breakfasts, or bring your own with. Students will be allowed time to shop in Hermanus. The facilitator does not encourage a big breakfast as this will hamper vigorous activities during the day. We have basic kitchen facilities (fridge, freezer & gas cookers). Please note no supper served for the first evening so enjoy a hearty brunch and bring along snacks for the evening.


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